20th May

20 May

We’ve been camping out in this shed for a few days now. This damn rain keeps on coming – and here I was thinking this was supposed to be Spring!

Patrolling around I’ve found that this entire place is walled off, and with that huge gate out front we’re pretty secure.

I’ve cased out the building and it’s buttoned down good and tight. No way in unless those inside want to let you in. I’ve been hammering on that door, and the metal barriers over the windows, off and on for ages but no answer.

Basically the building is a single-storey, modern-looking thing. I’ve never seen anything like these metal roller doors covering the windows, except at high-end jewellery stores and the likes. It’s damn Fort Knox.

So Adam and I just hang out. We’ve grabbed a couple of simple books along the way on our adventures for him to have a go at and read them most nights before sleep. We’re running low on food again, so I might take a run to see if I can find a store or something, but from memory they’re miles away. This is a safe spot to leave Adam if I go on my own, but what will happen to Adam if I can’t make it back?

I’m starting to doubt I actually saw a person, but I’m positive I did. Why won’t the fecker answer our knocking? Surely he/she doesn’t think that the snotties know how to knock on a door and shout.

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