21st May

21 May

Several days on now and we’re running out of food. Water isn’t a problem as we catch what runs off the roof of this tiny tin shed where holed up in.

The boredom is also a killer. Adam is wondering why we’re spending so much time here. I’m starting to wonder the same thing myself. This doesn’t look like the lab we’re looking for, it’s just a very well secured office building. I’m even starting to doubt whether I even saw some guy outside the building.

Studying the piles up corpses outside the door shows nothing untoward, other than a sizeable hole in each ones head. They just look like every other rotting corpse on this messed up planet.

If there’s no sign of life tomorrow we’ll have to hit the road again to find some supplies. Not only is lack of food getting to us, as I mentioned, the boredom is driving us both nuts.

Adam has read everything I’ve scavenged and brought with us a billion times. We’ve run around and around the building playing games and getting wet and muddy – anything to keep active.

That kid has too much energy for such a malnourished tyke.

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