22nd May

22 May

We started the morning getting our heads back in anti-zombie mode. We’d spent the last few days locked behind huge walls with iron gates and wanted to ensure we were back on our ‘A’ game again before heading out for food.

I let Adam squeeze off a few shots at an empty paint can I set up on a wooden ledge to get his eye in.

The shots must have been heard from inside, because I saw a weasley face poke around the side of the door that I swear I saw somebody come out of a few days ago. I rushed over and he slammed the door again in fright. I know I look a bit of a mess, but this was unexpected.

A minute later the door tentatively opened again. Adam and I were just standing there waiting expectantly.

We call him the Doc. I know he insists he isn’t one and is just a junior lab assistant, but he’s the closest thing to an educated person we’ve seen for some time.

The building is used for studying chemicals. You know, pesticides, petroleum products, sanitisers, stuff like that. It’s not the lab we’re looking for, but it is something.

The Doc has been living off junk food from the vending machines around the floors of the building. It was evident from the candy wrappers and chip packets littering his work area. He was complaining that he hadn’t eaten for a few days because he had run out of coins for the vending machines and didn’t know what he was going to do. I put the butt of my machete through the glass frontage of a machine and threw a few packets at him. The poor sod hadn’t even considered smashing the thing.

He told us that most of his colleagues had stopped coming into work in the first few days of the outbreak all those years back. He was only at work because he was so diligent and didn’t want to lose his job. He was straight out of university and this was his first job. Of the others that did come into work, none were left, well, in a Living capacity anyway. One of the guys had got bit, but still came into work. When he turned, he took the rest of the staff out with him. The Doc only survived because he locked all the doors to his empty floor.

Although he had the run of the ground floor and basement, the rest of the building was overrun, and there was vital stuff he needed on the other floors.

Adam and I were just happy to be inside out of the rain, and have some food. I told the Doc that if he’d let us hang here for a bit, Adam and I could clear out the rest of the building for him, and he seemed pretty happy with that.

We’re bunking down in an empty office tonight. Tomorrow we’ll case the rest of the place and see if we can’t get Doc access to more vending machines.

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