25th May

25 May

This guy is a freak show, but I’ve learnt so much about the zombies. I’ll try to summarise:

This is a chemical laboratory, so everything that Doc came up with is purely based on theory, a very well educated theory, but nothing solid. His best guess is that this plague is from something natural, not man-made. If it were man-made, there would be a vaccine readily available. When the government spooks concocted nasty viruses and things, they also made the matching vaccine too, in case they needed to make sure all the important people wouldn’t get affected. So that’s theory one.

His next theory is that this virus attacks the brain. Once the host body is taken over, it shuts down all unnecessary functions to ensure its own survival for as long as possible, hence only a head shot is effective in stopping them for good. A virus only wants two things: to survive, and to multiply. To do this its host must remain alive as long as possible, and it needs to find other living hosts to infect.

Doc had been studying slovs for as long as the outbreak had been going. The above are only his theories, the other stuff he’s been doing is the real reason the guy is such a freakshow.

Not knowing much about virology or even biology for that matter, he turned to the thing he knows best – chemistry. His lab is like a full blown evil genius’s lair, complete with bunsen burners and vials of bubbling liquids.

Knowing that there is no hope of a cure, well, from his own lab anyway, Doc has been working on weapons-of-slov-destruction. He has tried fire, acids, explosives, poisons and whilst not his realm of expertise, had even rigged up some laser of some kind to try out. All of these had mixed results, but he had settled on a number of key items he was now ready to move on to field trials of.

This is where I came in. It appeared that my timing couldn’t have been better. As a survivor of the outside world, Doc needed me to go out into the field and trial his new inventions, and report back on my findings.

Adam and I are going to hang out for a couple of days first and build up our strength. In the meantime Doc will show me his new toys and teach me about their use, and inherent dangers.

Happy to do my bit if it makes Adam’s any my world a safer place.

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