27th May

27 May

This is written for the Doc based on my findings of how his inventions went.

So Adam and I went a few miles away from the lab and found a nice quiet field to do some practice in. The fences are in pretty good nick around this field, and I started off by letting Adam fire off a few rounds with his 9mm. Thanks to all the guns and ammo you found in the security guy’s area Doc, we won’t run short very soon.

Needless to say, within a half hour or so there was a good gathering of snotties around the fence line, drawn by the sound of Adam’s target practice.

The first order of business was to trial the tasers you found in the security wing Doc. This bright yellow thing shaped to look like a pistol fires three pointy prongs out, each trailed by a very thin coil of wire. When the prongs hit something (or an ex-somebody in this case) they stick in, and pulling on the trigger delivers a good 20,000 (or was it 40 thousand Doc?) volts down the wires into the slov.

The result Doc is that the zombie stands there and spasms a bit, but it doesn’t really do a lot more than that. I held my finger on the trigger for a good few minutes before the battery ran dead, but the zom just quaked about for a while and then came back slathering at us.

So that’s Test One a failure.

Next you told us to give the new bullets a try out. With the snotties stuck on the other side of the fence from us, this was something I’d give Adam a go with, as you asked for us to aim at their bodies instead of the head this time.

The bullets you marked with a blue dot were first up. Adam popped a guy in the thigh, but I think it just went right through. It blew a big chunk out of his leg though and he fell over. Looks like his football days are over. I told Adam to go for a wider bit of the body and this time he clocked one in the chest. It stood there for a bit and then we heard a whistling sound as steam started coming out of the hole! We both tried a few more shots to other parts of the body with much the same effect – i.e. a hole with a jet of steam. Only a headshot was effective in putting them down.

I think you said the blue dot bullets were hollow nose bullets filled with hydrogen peroxide and methanol? The result was a steamy hole, but not much more.

The third, and final test for the day were your green dot bullets. Much the same as the last test, these are hollow points with a brew of hydrogen peroxide again, but with salt and vinegar. Sounds like we’re giving them crisp flavoured bullets as an appetiser, but we’ll give it a go.

Adam popped one into the chest of an old lady. Much like the ones we turned into boiling kettles earlier, this one just staggered from the impact then came right back to the fence again wanting to get at us. About 30 seconds later, Adam was lining up another shot when I told him to hold on a minute. The chest of the woman he shot seemed to be caving in. After a few seconds, some black ooze came bubbling out of the hole and dribbled down as her whole chest just collapsed and she ended up flopping to the ground.

We tried a few more shots each, getting a bit more distance from the fence so the bullets would stay in the zoms rather than pass right though. It appears that the green dots take between 30 to 90 seconds to react (not all of them did though) before a very strong acid starts eating away at the snottie’s flesh. This doesn’t kill them as the head is still untouched, and the acid stops working after a minute or so.

Not a total failure if you’ve got time on your hands to wait for the reaction, and aren’t too bothered about then still remaining snappy afterwards.

We’ll head back in now and hope you answer the door this time!

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