30th May

30 May

The Doc was pretty pleased with himself when he read the results of our little field trial. He went off muttering away to himself like a mad professor, so Adam and I went our own way in search of something to eat that wasn’t several years old and preserved only due to the fact that it was pure sugar.

Back outside again, the fresh air was nice, the cool morning air was still and a thick veil of mist covered the ground to ankle height. The only sound was the mournful craw of a nearby crow. Adam and I jumped the fence and scavenged in the nearby fields. A couple of dopey wanderers were quickly dispatched silently and even they couldn’t put a dampener on the peaceful start to the day.

We got back to the lab again with a bag of mushrooms, some wild fennel which grows like a weed, and a handful of spindly carrots that had self-sown in somebody’s old garden. The Doc was still buzzing around all excitable, in his own little world, so Adam and I fired up a Bunsen burner and got to frying up our breakfast. It wasn’t until the Doc flitted past us with armloads of beakers and boxes that he stopped dead in his tracks, took a sniff of the air and looked over to see what the great smell was. We went thirds in our meagre breakfast, but even that was a gazillion times better than a stale chocolate bar.

The Doc took the time over breakfast to discuss his thinking. There was good news and bad, and multiple of each it turned out.

The Good News was that the Doc knew what the issues were with his failed experiments and believed there were ways to improve on them. Making non-lethal body shots into lethal ones.
The Bad News was that, whilst the storeroom in the basement was chocka full of all the ingredients that he needed for his improved bullets, there were only so many bullets left that he had scavenged from the security guards and from their wing of the building.
The Good News was that a few clicks up the road was a military training outfit which had been long since overrun and was bound to have plenty of what the Doc was in short supply of.
The Bad News was, muggins here and his little Boy Wonder were the only two of the three Living in the entire building capable of making it back from a mission like that.

I’ve never been a fan of Bad News.

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