2nd June

02 Jun

It’s amazing how quickly nature re-took all of the man-made infrastructure. After only 2 years the weeds were already poking through cracks in the roads, and the fields formally close cropped by machines and animals alike were full of tall swaying grass and wild tangles of brambles. Let alone now, more than six years on now since any lawns were mowed or weeds sprayed, the world is a tangled mess of growth and the force of man no more than rotting brick and steel piles. The sharp and severe edges of the man-made world worn blunt by the pressure of encroaching nature reclaiming its rightful ownership of the planet.

We trudge down a dirt path worn by the hooves of the plentiful deer – those too swift to be caught out by the lumbering zoms that is. The path runs roughly parallel to the overgrown road we are following. We are extra cautious out here in what we term the jungle. Thankfully the English forests are too hammered by the harsh winters to have much in the way of undergrowth, but visibility is still only a few metres in any direction, and Adam and I stay on high alert for any unusual noises. The snap of a twig will stop us in our tracks, alert for anything coming out of the woods at us.

The map has been marked with the roads we are to follow to get to the army training facility. Walking on the roads, and with a tail wind, we might make it in a few days. Keeping off the main thoroughfares as we prefer, it is more likely to be 4 to 5 days one way.

I had contemplated leaving Adam with the Doc, but for one thing, Adam couldn’t bear to be away from me that long, and the other thing is the Doc is such a scatterbrain and away with the fairies most of the time, if anything really went down Adam was probably the more streetwise of the two anyway. No, he’s safer with me I think.

Our camp this evening is a hollow in between the roots of a very large tree. I don’t know what flavour tree, I’ve never been that into horticulture. All I can say is, it’s less comfortable than the floor of an office in Doc’s building, but far better than the middle of a field in the rain, which we can attest to doing on several occasions.

Let’s get this mission over with so we can get back to the home comforts of an office floor and a slap up meal of chocolate bars.

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