6th June

06 Jun

We spent the day lurking in the bushes keeping an eye on the compound beyond the chain-link fence today.

That’s the thing about the army, and more so one which trains soldiers of all levels: they drum into them over and over again the importance of protecting one another. This is why a well trained army works so well it’s not just camaraderie and brotherhood. When the faecal matter impacts the turbine you know that your fellow trained buddies will have your back as you would have theirs. Now, herein lies the problem when it comes to a zombie apocalypse. You can have all the fences, barbed wire, guns and military training to keep the bad guys out, but if one of your own gets bitten, the first thing you do is pull them into the safety of your compound. It’s like that worm that gets into the apple and eats it from the inside out. It looks all shiny and wholesome from the outside, but inside it has been eaten alive.

So too it appears that this apple had seen its days not too long after the outbreak took hold. I’m sure they put up a great fight – the noise of several hundred guns going off would have attracted the slovs from miles around, but in the end, all it took was one infected comrade to be brought inside the compound before the place rotted at the core.

The army fatigues are hard to make out after so many years draped over a rotting corpse, but the lurchers stumbling aimlessly around inside the fence all look like they had died young. From our pozzie we can make out about 30 of them, so who knows how many are scattered throughout the place.

This is going to be about as much fun as a blunt stick in the eyeball.

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