29th October

29 Oct

Nonsense. Gibberish. That’s what it’ll sound like. Complete garbage. I don’t know how to write this all down without starting at the start.

It’s been what? Months? Years? I don’t even know any more.

All I can think of is Adam. What they must be putting him through. That is if he hasn’t escaped. Or they haven’t killed him. Or fed him to their ‘pets’.

Sick. That’s what humanity is. Sick. Before the illness took over the planet, it was already riddled to the core with a self centred, self serving plague called humanity. At least what we become after the virus takes a hold has no pretences. At least it doesn’t dress in a suit and tie, hide behind a corporate logo and suck the life blood out of anybody smaller and weaker than them. No, at least the turned just chew the flesh of any and all, regardless of race, religion, financial or material wealth. Man was sick before the apocalypse, and what few remain, have not changed for the better.

Right now I don’t have time. Dark is falling and it’s time for me to hunt. I know that the night is reserved for the dead, but I can’t afford the downtime. I’ve got to find Adam, and even the night time has to be used if I’m going to track him down and bring him back to safety.

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