24th November

24 Nov

I made an interesting discovery today.

Still on the trail of Adam and this train, I came to a small station in the middle of nowhere. Just two platforms, one North, one South, linked by a rickety overhead walking bridge. On the platform was a swarm of Zees. They were all hunched over, feasting on something fresh. There must have been about 8 or more, looking like vultures, squabbling and grunting as they each chewed on various parts of the carcass.

Armed with only my rebar, and little else, I didn’t really have the option of fighting them off. They would have had me for dessert if I tried to take them all on at once. I couldn’t really find any easy or safe way to deal with them individually either. The reason I wanted to find out who they were munching on was because the chances were it was somebody from the train. I was fairly confident it wasn’t Adam as it was a little larger than his 6 year old frame, plus there was evidence that they had put up a good fight, given half a dozen dead zoms littering the platform around them.

In my frustration I threw a sizeable rock at the writhing pile. The shot was slightly better than I intended and the rock smashed into the head of one of the feasters. It was knocked over and then got up to look around at where the offending rock had come from. I was hunkered down behind an overgrown planter box on the platform and it didn’t see me. As it looked away though I made out a pair of brown work boots I had seen up close before. Kyle.

So they finally got the story out of him about how I had escaped. Finding he wasn’t up to par, the gang probably decided to let him go. Whilst this has the obvious benefit that there is one less to attend to once I catch up with the slow-moving train, it does mean that I wasn’t the one that got the pleasure of doing it myself. Too bad. I won’t be mourning him for very long.

I’m also running out of scrap paper to write these entries on. With any luck my diary is still with my things on that train. I’ll get around to transferring these over to the diary at some point. I only hope it won’t be too long before I’m reunited with my gear, and most importantly my boy.

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