28th November

28 Nov

I spent last night casing the train, its inhabitants and their routine out. Today I kept my distance but followed along as I formulated my plan of attack.

I had to do everything in my power last night not to go storming in, waving my rebar around, and hope to hold them off long enough for Adam to escape. “Then what?” I kept telling myself. Whatever the plan it has to include Adam and me at a minimum escaping. It would be nice to help the others trapped on that train, and avenge some of their misery by taking the gang out in the process, but those are secondary.

A plan a plan, got to come up with a plan.

Inventory: t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, jeans, hiking boots, pink backpack, 3 foot long (1.5cm diam) rebar, 2 cans of possibly rancid kidney beans, 6 crab apples, 1 green tomato and a knotted nest of fishing nylon I found and thought might come in handy.

Now, if only I had a terrorist’s guide to making a tomato bomb. I’m sure I’ve got the ingredients for at least half a dozen grenades and possibly an Uzi.

A plan a plan. Something is there. I need to stop writing and keep thinking. A glimmer of a ridiculous and deadly plan…

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