4th December

04 Dec

So how do trains link their carriages together? Well, those automatic connecting ones are not the ones they use here in the UK it turns out. To link and unlink carriages, it’s a manual process that requires the connecting carriages to be touching, then a person getting down on the ground and hooking them together. This is just one of several major flaws in my plan that I can think of – and that’s just the major ones.

I’m spending the night stationary, so as not to make any noise. Not only am I doing this because I don’t want zombies attracted, but as the gang are stopping their train at night, they too will hear me sneaking up on them.

So the other flaws? Well, one is that the doors are electronic. The train generates its own electricity to power them, but the doors are locked and unlocked by the driver. In order to get the people off the train, I’m going to have to wait for their doors to be unlocked, or somehow unlock them myself.

Next, the plan requires me to get through the carriage inhabited by undead without being bitten, scratched, or simply eaten. This is the carriage the leader of the gang called Third Class.

The final concern is going to be keeping the gang on-board the train for as long as possible. If they get off the train, I’m screwed.

So, other than a series of miracles, all falling into place in the right sequence, everything is peachy and the plan can’t fail. We used to say that a plan like this was as likely to succeed as winning the lottery. I still think that’s true, even though there’s not likely to be a lottery draw ever again, I’m still more likely to receive a letter stating I’ve just got a millions pounds than pulling this off.

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