16th December

16 Dec

Running the gauntlet of horror like that was nothing new to me. Over the years I have found myself in rooms full of the things, fighting my way out. But never in the pitch black like that. There is something about the darkness that amplifies terror. Perhaps the human mind can conjure up things more horrific than reality, and it is the terrors of the mind you are more afraid of and in need of escaping. At least in the light you know where to swing your fist, and where the next set of gnashing jaws are coming from. The unknown and unseeable is far more scary.

So I legged it through the next carriage. It was still too dark to make out anything, which was a shame as I knew that this car contained an arsenal of weapons and things I could protect myself and the others using. I left the doors open behind me as I barged into the next carriage. Silence was no longer required, which was good because it wasn’t an option either.

The wet, lurching sounds behind me were not that far away as I hit the end of the food carriage and burst into the first carriage of prisoners. Somewhere in here was Adam. I cried out his name, and there was a shriek of fear from my right. I called again and heard a wavering, uncertain “Dad?” coming from the other end. I ran through the carriage, noticing the orange lit-up ring around the door open button. I hit it on the way past, calling out his name again.

“Dad? Dad!” he shouted, barrelling into my legs in the darkness. I bent over and squeezed him and hugged him, never wanting to let him go. Repeating his name over and over again. There was a squeal from behind me and I realised why I had to be quick. The undead were back there and had found the other prisoners. The feasting had begun.

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