20 February

20 Feb

It’s been more than a few weeks now. I’ve only stopped to find fuel for the loco a couple of times over that period. The fuel tanks are so large and we’re trundling along at a slow enough pace that we’re just not using that much of it. Thankfully.

There’s no sign of whether anybody else survived the escape back then, and if they did, our trail would be so difficult to follow I doubt they would have much hope of getting us any time soon.

The next day after we all escaped we discovered that one of the young girls had been bitten by a zom. She was unconscious and in the middle of the turn cycle by the time we discovered the bite on her upper arm. One of the woman refused to let us leave the girl by the side of the tracks alone and insisted on staying behind with her. I wanted to keep the train there and wait for the girl to turn so the woman could jump in and escape, but the commotion of the diesel train chugging away had started to attract too many unwanted visitors. The woman, Natalie I found out her name was, made the decision for us and snatching up the girl, bolted out the train door and ran into the twilight. Suffice to say we didn’t see her again.

As for the rest of the escapees, they are doing much better now. They finally are starting to get a little colour in their cheeks with the extra rations they’re allowed to eat. A lot of crying and consoling goes on. I can only imagine what they have seen and been subjected to at the hands of those evil monsters.

Right now my only plan is to keep us moving, and keep us as safe as possible. We spent last night with the train parked on a long bridge, that way we only needed 2 sentries on, one front, one back, at any time through the night.

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