23 March

23 Mar

How I get myself into these predicaments I don’t know. I’m kicking myself just thinking about it now.

Raising my machete was impossible as it had one arm on each of my shoulders. Though I couldn’t feel them through my jacket collar, I knew the bony hands were hooking around my neck like claws to pull my exposed face towards its gaping maw. It wanted to bite into my cheek, and tear a strip of flesh from me to chew on.

The adrenaline surge woke me up. I brought both my arms up between his arms and pushed them both out in a circular motion, like some crude form of land-based breast stroke. This broke its grip around my neck. The next motion brought my gloved left hand up and my fingers caught on to the remaining wisps of hair on its slimy looking head. Caught in mid turn, I completed the turn as I brought my right arm around close to my body due to the proximity of the amorous creature, and the machete blade separated the neck neatly from the shoulders.

I kept turning to my right as the girl came around the rear of the car and thrust the wide tip of my blade into her throat. This wasn’t going to kill her I knew, but my other hand was busy holding the decapitated head of the zom I’d just had a close encounter with. I threw the head at her and it bounced harmlessly off her body. She didn’t even react, just kept trying to walk towards me with hands outstretched, hampered only by the blade that was slicing through her larynx.

My left hand now free, I took half a step forward, braced myself and placed the heal of my left palm against the back of the machete handle and shoved, using my legs to give the push extra weight. The blade sliced further into her neck, then slid between two vertebrae and out the other side. The spinal cord severed, her dull eyes rolled up and her body dropped like a rag doll to the floor. I held my machete tight and it slipped out as she fell.

I ducked down behind the car again. Little more than ten seconds had passed, but the enormous dose of adrenaline coursing through my veins had slowed everything to a standstill. I took a peak at the mob which still seemed content to head down the road towards the last sound they heard, and then I took a good look around behind me.

Man, they sure were stealthy when they wanted to be.

It was time to get the mission back on track again and I surveyed the shop fronts looking for some big first aid plus sign or something that pointed out a chemist – perhaps the word ‘chemist’ might be a start. I couldn’t tell what half the darkened shop fronts had once been, but one window a couple of doors down, sporting faded posters in the window, had what looked like a pair of snakes coiled around a pole or something. Wasn’t that a symbol for medicine?

I took a moment to pick up three of the rocks I had dropped in surprise when I was given the unrequited man-hug earlier, and in quick succession threw each one as hard as I could in the direction the mob were still moving. I needed to give them more incentive to head down the other end of town while I went shopping. I ducked down again before three thuds in quick succession sounded from down the road. That should keep them interested for the moment.

Now to tackle that chemist and hope that it had what I’d come for.

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