05 Dec

We stayed out as long as our supply of food and silencers allowed us. On the way back to the town we explored a bit.

There was this big store which used to hold all the food for the town in the Before. Now it just has pools of sticky black where the food used to be. All the shelves have long since been picked clean by the Scav Crews, and it smells sour and like dead animals.

There was also this place which had all these metal things with wheels. Mrs B says they are bikes and that you sit on them and ride them along. Me and Bobby tried but they didn’t go anywhere and we kept falling over and making too much noise.

Nothing happened on the trip back to the village. We did see this deader stuck in a fence though. He had been there a long time. His skin was brown and stretched over his skeleton like a wet cloth. His face wasn’t much more than a skull with these big eyes that watched us. His skeletal arm reached out for Bobby as he walked by.

Bobby stuck his knife through one of those eyes and got eye-goo on his hand. I dared him to lick it but Bobby just ignored me until I stopped.

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