08 Dec

We lit this big fire. Out on the street. Out at the edge of the village. It was a really dark night and the fire was big and yellow. I’m sure it could be seen for miles.

It took a while for them to come. They came out of the darkness. They must have come from a long way away because it took them ages. They don’t walk very fast, or very well. But as they stumbled into the fire light, we shot them dead. Re-dead.

Booby and me, we took turns. Tried to kill each one with a single shot. We’ll show the Guard who the better shots are.

We didn’t really think this through though. We used up all of our silencers before we realised we didn’t need to use them. The deaders were being drawn in by the fire light anyway so the sounds of the guns wouldn’t have been a problem.

So we ran out of silencers, but we still had bullets, and the fire kept going. We had put a bunch of tires on it, and they kept on burning. So the fire kept going, and the deaders, they kept coming. And we were starting to run low on ammo. But the deaders kept coming. And now we had no silencers, so the ones that had reached the fire and got tired of looking at it were being drawn to our gun shots. We re-deaded most of them, but they kept coming. More and more.

So Bobby and me, we ran for it. Back to the village.

I think they might be angry with us now because there was a lot of shouting, and the Guard were all woken up and went running out there to kill them all off and put out our fire.

We might be in trouble. Mrs B says we’re on ‘thin ice’ but I don’t know what that is.

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