09 Dec

So the Village Masters met again, which was strange because it wasn’t a day six yet. And they got me and Bobby into the room and they were all angry and talking mean stuff. And they said that my dad was a good man, but that I was reckless and selfish, but I’m not. They said that we put the whole village at risk and that what we did was inexcusable.

Mrs B said they were right to be mad because we did a silly thing. I tried to tell them that we wanted to show them we were better than the Guard, but they said that the Guard had to clean up our mess for us.

They were really mad. Two of them wanted us banished straight away. Three others thought we needed a punishment and to learn from our mistake.

Bobby and me still don’t think we made a mistake. It was all going good until we ran out of ammo.
We mucked out the public latrines today and didn’t get very much food given to us.

Everybody seemed mad at us. It wasn’t nice.

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