17 Dec

My dad was a smart man. Mrs B once told me that he must have been very clever to adapt and survive when the Happening started.

He taught me how to shoot, but also how to use knives and his favourite machete which I take everywhere with me now. He showed me how to find food and what’s not good to eat. And he showed me how to clear a building safely from the deaders.

I can’t remember his face any more. I don’t have a picture like Bobby has of him with his family. They look like nice people. Bobby is sometimes sad and never talks about his Happening time. Mostly he’s quiet though, which I like because I’m mostly quiet too. And you have to be quiet to survive long.

We found an old house. There is grass and dirt inside where a hole in the roof lets the light and rain come in. We found a dry room and slept in there on the floor. The floor was fuzzy and had a blue pattern on it and smelled of dust.

All the cupboards are opened and there is nothing inside, but one had a dead mouse. It looked dry and you could see bones through the grey skin. It looked how the deaders look when they haven’t eaten anything in a long time. But I know that animals don’t become deaders. They just run away when you come near.

I wish the deaders ran away from you and not towards you.

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