20 Dec

We camped out near a stream. The grass around its banks was long and we had to cut through some of it to get to the water, but it was so cold and fresh it was worth the effort.

I set some snares and caught a rabbit and a squirrel. Bobby and me shared the rabbit but he let me eat the squirrel because he doesn’t like the taste.

There was a deader in the forest, but Bobby re-died him before he even knew we were there. Bobby is getting good with the knife and made it quick and mostly without any noise.

It was only just warm enough to sleep outside, but is here and we’ll have to find warmer places to sleep until that has passed. For now though there is enough sunlight and wild animals to keep us going until we reach the big city. I don’t know what we’ll find there, but we think it might be where Bobby is from, and I remember my dad saying that is where we started out. I just feel that something wants me to go there.

We’ll keep worrying about today until the day comes where we’re in the city. Then we’ll worry about that day.

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