23 Dec

We came to a small town today. Most of the deaders were skeletons and had already been re-deaded. We saw a couple of them stuck in buildings or houses, but we left them. They can’t get out, so we left them there.

Mrs B says she feels sorry for ones like that. Trapped, with no way out. They can’t wander about freely. Not that she wants Bobby and me to be hurt, she just knows that the deaders trapped inside buildings aren’t happy.
Bobby and me found some cans in the back of a store. Everything had been cleaned out of the front, but nobody had thought to check the back.

We know that cans can have food in them, but you have to be careful because they’re so old, the food might make you sick.

These ones had meat inside, and it tasted a bit like squirrel which made Bobby not very happy. The faded paper wrapped around the cans showed a picture of a dog, so they must be full of dog.

Next time I see a dog I think I’ll shoot it and eat it. They taste nice.

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