26 Dec

The roads are covered in grass and vines. We only know they’re roads because you can see the path ahead of you in a straight line, and if you dig down a little bit with your foot there’s hard ground underneath.

Some of the bridges have started to get a bit broken, and we have to be careful, especially on the high ones, that they don’t break when we walk on them. Bobby nearly slipped off the edge when one of them started crumbling along the edge. The rail fell off and into the river below and I grabbed him and pulled him back. I laughed because Bobby had a scared face, and he got mad, but then he started laughing too. I don’t think I’ve heard him laugh before. We ran to the other side of the bridge then fell in the grass and laughed a lot more. It felt nice.

We stopped laughing when the deaders came out of the forest for us. But they were slow, and Bobby and me didn’t like our fun being stopped, so we slashed their heads open and walked off with smiles on our faces.

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