01 Jan

Bobby says it is another year now and we start at 1 again.

Bobby has known about the voices for a while. He says it’s because my mum was bitten when I was being born. He says I have a little bit of the Happening in me but not enough to make me dead and re-alive. I think it makes him a little bit scared of me.

Mrs B told me I must not tell anybody because they would all be scared of me.

I could always hear lots of voices, but I didn’t know where the voices came from. My dad didn’t know I heard the deaders. I found out where the voices came from one day when my dad shot a deader in the head and one of the voices stopped.

I am OK with making the bad voices stop. I re-dead them to make the bad voices stop, but some of the voices are good and want to talk to me, so I hide from them and talk back. In my head. And they answer, and sometimes help, but mostly they ask me to help them.

There isn’t very much I can do to help them. They aren’t in control of what their bodies are doing and they are trapped inside their heads. Some of them I re-dead because that’s all they want. Others I find food for because their bodies are nearly re-dead from not being able to find people to eat. I only feed them dead animals like I did with Mrs B, not people.

It used to scare me because I knew nobody else could hear them. I thought I was sick or bad, but Mrs B told me I was special and that it was a good thing, and that maybe one day I could do something good with this.

I want to make it a good thing that I do, and not anything bad.

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