06 Jan

The rain finally turned into drizzle today so Bobby and I got on the road again. Everything is damp and squishy, but at least we’re on the move again.

We took some time to set some snares up early and a few hours later were rewarded with three fat rabbits. Yum. We gutted and skinned them and we’ll cook those later today when we find a place to settle down.

There was a lonely deader on the road. All it was saying was how much it wanted to rip and tear and eviscerate. I don’t know what that last bit is, but his mind was obviously gone. I swung my handy dandy machete into the side of his head and the top of his ear was chopped off which looked funny. When his skull cracked open his voice stopped with what sounded like a sigh.

The fields are covered in big brown puddles the size of lakes. We came across a river and Bobby said it was called a canal, and back in the Before people used to use boats to drive up and down the canal. He said we should look for a boat and use it to travel instead of walking, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get one going. If they use fuel then we will never get one to work.

We are camping out in another shed again tonight. This one was used to hold hay because there are still mouldy rectangle bundles held together with rope in here.

It’s very dark out and Bobby and me both heard a noise. It sounded like a motor, but we don’t know what kind. It wasn’t very far away, but it is too dark to go out and investigate. It’ll have to wait for the morning when we can see if any deaders are coming.

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