07 Jan

Bobby has been hurt and I have had to stop the bleeding with my shirt. We had a very bad day today with a Living who wanted to hurt us.

We went out this morning to find out what the motor sound was. On the road we found the tracks of wheels. Somebody had managed to get a car working and had driven past in the night. We thought that all of the fuel was bad and that getting anything working again was impossible, but the tracks were definitely from a car of some kind.

We carried on walking south which happened to be the same direction that the wheel marks went, or came from. We couldn’t tell which way it had been travelling.

When we came around a corner, there was this brown and white car. We could tell it was the one that was working because all the other cars on the roads these days are covered in dirt and rust and some even have weeds growing in and on them.

So we go up to this car to see if there is anybody in it and just as Bobby is putting his head through the open window to look in the car a man walks out of the trees on the side of the road and shouts at us.

He ran at Bobby with this long knife out and is shouting about us steeling his wheels and stuff. Bobby bangs his head on the car’s window frame pulling his head out too quickly, which must have dazed him because he doesn’t move fast enough and the man slices into his side with the knife.

I’m around the other side of the car, so can’t get there in time to stop it, but I pull out my gun and point it at the man and tell him to calm down and that Bobby didn’t want his car, but the man isn’t listening and is still shouting that he can’t trust anybody and that even the living are trying to get him. Bobby has fallen down and is holding his side and blood is coming out between his fingers.

The man lunges at Bobby just as I come around the back of the car and so I shoot and the force of the bullet throws the man off balance and he lands in the mud on the side of the road.

I can hear him wheezing as he tries to breathe but I’m more worried about Bobby and ask him if I can see where he has been hurt. It’s a deep cut along his side just below the ribs. The man is wheezing and coughing and I can see his body convulsing in the mud making a squelching noise. But his wheezing slows down and stops so I kicked him to see if he is still alive but he’s not.

To stop the blood coming out of Bobby I take off my shirt and bunch it up and press hard which makes Bobby cry, but I have to hold it hard to make the blood stop or Bobby might die.

After a while my shirt is all red, but the blood has mostly stopped. I had to hurt Bobby more when I stitched up the cut like my dad taught me a long time ago. Bobby cried a lot, but I told him I had to do it to stop his insides from falling out.

When Bobby was settled in the back of the car I checked out the boot and there are big plastic containers of something that smells like chemicals and a bit like the fat the drips off a cooking rabbit. This must be the fuel he was using in the car.

It’s a shame I had to shoot him. It would have been nice to talk to him and find out more about his Happening and After, but he was going to hurt Bobby some more, and Bobby is my friend.

We’ll sleep in the car tonight and think some more tomorrow.

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