08 Jan

Bobby moaned and cried all through the night. I felt bad for him, but it was also annoying because it interrupted my sleep.

He is sweating a lot and I looked at his cut and the stitching is good, but there is brown ooze coming out of it that smells really bad. I think something inside him was cut too and might be leaking.

Bobby is my only friend and I want him to stay alive, but I don’t know what else will make him better except the stitches that I gave him and rest. There might be some medicine in an old store nearby, but I don’t know what kind you need for cuts, or how close the nearest one is.

One of the voices tells me Bobby needs a doctor and lots of antibiotics, but I don’t know where to get either of those things.

I try to keep him happy by telling him jokes, but Bobby isn’t very interested and just wants to moan. I don’t know if it is his guts that is leaking out or his sense of humour.

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