11 Jan

It’s been three more days now and Bobby is much, much worse.

His cut is all puffy and red and the ooze is black and sticky and smells like rotten meat. His face is sweaty and white and he can’t even get out of the back seat of the car to pee and goes in his pants.

He isn’t moaning now, but lies there breathing fast in and out and cries quietly.

I’m sad too because I don’t think Bobby is going to be better soon and I may have to go to the big city on my own. I feel something pulling me south, but I can’t leave Bobby. He couldn’t stop a deader getting him if he can’t even leave the car to pee.

The car is smelly of Bobby’s guts now so I walk around outside as much as I can and get fresh water and hunt rabbits. Bobby isn’t eating much now so there’s lots of rabbit for me. I’d prefer there was not much rabbit for me and Bobby was all better and we were still walking south, but the Alive man who is now dead changed all of that.

When I managed to lift Bobby’s shirt up to see his cut I could see red lines in his skin going up his side and down towards his leg. I think it might be spreading to other parts of his body. He is really hot and I can feel the heat coming off him when I get near.

I think Bobby will die soon which will make me sad, but will stop him from hurting anymore which is sort of a nice thing.

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