13 Jan

I thought so. Bobby died. I woke up in the car and it was very, very quiet. Bobby’s face was sunken in like he hadn’t eaten for a very long time. His eyes were open and starting at the pattern in the ceiling of the car, but they weren’t blinking, and his mouth hung open.

I didn’t want to leave my friend for deaders to find so I set the car on fire with lots of dry leaves and twigs and things. I was down the road and around the corner a bit when there was a loud woosh and I looked back to see a big black cloud that looked like the shape of a mushroom go up. I think the stuff in the back of the car, the fuel stuff, must have make the fire really big.

That was good because it meant there wouldn’t be any more Bobby for the deaders, and he would be able to float up into the sky to see his family, but bad because deaders like things like fire so I moved faster down the road to get further away.

The deaders started coming out of everywhere to investigate, but I was far enough away that I only had to deal with a few of them.

Bye bye Bobby. I’m sorry you had a sad life and died in a lot of pain, but at least you get to be with your family now. Well, those that are re-dead anyway.

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