22 Jan

I’ve been on a very, very long stretch of wide road for a long time now. There are only a few groups of buildings every half a days walk or so along the sides. The groups of buildings always have shops that look like they sold food in the Before. They don’t have food anymore and have been cleaned out a long time ago.

The rusted out remains of cars and lorries cover the road. Many are overturned or were pushed out of the middle of the road to let other cars through during the Happening. It’s a dangerous place to be because the deaders have lots of hiding places.

I remember I used to have another friend back in the village. Her name was Jenny and she was bitten by a deader who was trapped in a car. And I remember being sad for her because her leg fell off the next day. But I don’t think your leg just falls off after being bitten, not that I’ve ever seen happen since then, so probably it was bitten right off.

We were friends for a long time her and me until Bobby came along. Then I didn’t see her very much because Bobby and me could run and go to the edge of the village and she was too slow and couldn’t go very far from the adults because she only had one and a half legs.

I don’t think legs grow back again. I don’t know much about medicine in the Before, but I think she still only has one even now.

I don’t know what made me think of her. Probably because I don’t have a friend anymore. Maybe I should have been nicer to her and not forgotten about playing with her just because she couldn’t run and play like Bobby and me.

Probably because I’m alone and everything is scary out here, and the city wants me to go to it, and the only company I have is the deaders in my head and most of them and crazy and mean.

Probably I’m just a bad person for forgetting about her until I needed a friend and it was too late.

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