26 Jan

I can see the start of the city in the distance. The pull is strong now, like a rope tied to my brain and dragging me in. I don’t feel like going but it wants me and I also feel like I want to know what it wants.

And the voices in my head are getting quieter, not louder as I thought they would in a city full of the re-alive. But there is also another noise in the back of my head. A buzzing sound like the insects make in the summer time.

I walked through a street lined with shops and only saw one deader. It saw me but instead of coming towards me, it just seemed to ignore me. I pulled out my handy dandy machete but it didn’t seem interested and just limped away like I wasn’t there. It didn’t seem to have a voice of the body’s owner either. But sometimes they can be quiet. Like they are hiding away in a dim corner of their own brain wishing the scariness would just stop.

I found a shop with bars on it, which meant that nobody had got inside before. Two of the bars pulled out easily when I pulled on them because the wooden window frame was rotten, and I got in and found lots of cans of food in there. And not all of it was bad, so I think I’ll stay for a while.

Well, as long as the Pull lets me.

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