02 Feb

I packed up as much of the edible food as I could today and got moving because the Pull was bugging me.

My feet feel like they’re just walking on their own and I don’t even need to think about it anymore. It makes me a bit worried because I would not like to not be in control of my body like the deaders are. It sounds scary. But I let my body relax and I get dragged forward towards the heart of the city.

I’m seeing more and more deaders, and I get ready each time to fight them off, but they don’t seem to notice me anymore. They just ignore me as if I was a deader like them. One even bumped into me, bounced off and kept walking.

This is very, very weird, and I don’t think I like this. But I don’t think I could have fought through this many of them on my own. They seem to be everywhere I look now.

The further I walk, the less I hear the voices because they are so quiet now, like they are further away, even though I am walking right by them. The buzzing has instead replaced them, and is growing in volume. It is annoying and disturbs my sleep.

I like my sleep and don’t like it to be disturbed by anybody, especially not a buzzing that I can’t explain.

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