04 Feb

I had a dream today. I say today and not tonight or last night because it was in the day.

I was in a big part of the town, not the real city yet because I can see the tall buildings in the distance, and there were only buildings with two or three storeys around me. And I stopped to eat my last can of dog (yum) and was sitting on the road and leaning against a rusty, dusty old car. I had to pull my legs in because the deaders kept tripping over me.

And then I saw in my head a big building. And all the glass on the front was broken. And inside was white walls and white floor. And standing around in the white room were lots and lots and lots of deaders. And they just stood still. And all their faces were looking in the same direction. And I could see a woman deader that they were all looking at. And in her arms was a baby. And the baby was a deader too. And the baby turned its little grey face and looked at me with dull grey eyes. And then I was back in the street again like nothing had happened.

And the buzzing returned, and I didn’t realise that it had gone until it came back again.

The can of dog had fallen from my hand and a deader had found it and was down on hands and knees by my feet licking the last of the dog out of the can.

So I put my machete through the back of its head and walked off.

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