06 Feb

I saw the deader baby again today! I don’t like these dreams because they look too real. Normally I can tell the difference between a dream and real life because dreams are of silly things like Bobby and me shooting so many deaders they make a pile right up to the sky, or running through a big field so full of rabbits that I can feel their fluffy fur under my feet because there are so many of them I can’t help stepping on them. Silly thinks like that.

But this was a messy dream.

I saw a deader woman, and she was in a building like a barn. And there were some other deaders by her. And two of the deaders looked exactly the same as each other. And the younger woman’s tummy was really fat, and she was growling.

Another woman deader with them looked out of the barn at something, so I turned to see what she was looking at and I could see my dad and two other men crouching behind a bush a long way off watching the deaders.
I looked back and the young deader woman had something coming out of her and it was a baby and it was all covered in slime and goo.

And finally I saw the woman holding the gooey baby and she bit through a white rope which dangled from its tummy, and the baby squirmed and the woman held the baby close to her chest and let the white rope fall to the floor.

It must have been the next night in the barn because all the deaders were standing in different places and the night time wasn’t as dark.

Suddenly there’s the sound of gunfire and the young mummy deader is ripped apart by bullet holes. The older woman deader grabs the deader baby and her and the two deaders that look the same run out the back of the barn and into the night as the rest of the deaders get hit by the gunfire.

And the last thing I see is the woman holding the baby as she looks back and she seems to know I’m seeing her and then she runs off.

When I woke up I was sad because I had seen my dad again and that was nice but made me miss him.

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