25 Feb

Just when I thought I was lost and wouldn’t be able to find the way, I found a familiar looking road today. I sat down and thought very, very hard about it and my memory told me that this was a road my dad and I took. It’s a bit of a side road, and it is surrounded in big trees and overgrown bushes.

I was going to start walking down there when Eve and the woman walked in front of me and stopped me. I don’t know why they did this. The woman looked back at the deaders and a group of them turned off and headed back to the town we had left.

There was no getting past Eve and the woman, so I sat on a rock and played with a stick for a while. Eve just looked down at me and made me feel nervous. Perhaps she wanted to eat me, but I don’t think so.

After a few hours had gone by, a deader stumbled up to the woman and handed her something rattley and crinkly sounding which she stuffed into a pocket and we could move on.

Because of the delay, we didn’t get very far down the road before the dark came and it was time to stop. I don’t think the deaders can see in the dark. They prefer the night time because it is cooler and they are always very hot. I can’t see in the dark, so it is too dangerous to walk around in case I hurt myself.

So I made a fire and cooked my offering. Tonight I was given a big black and white furry thing I had to skin first. It tasted bad, but there was lots of meat. I’ll sleep in a hollow by the side of the road tonight and hope to find the building tomorrow.

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