27 Feb

The goat was good. And I had more for breakfast this morning. The smell of it made the man come out of his hiding place and eat some too. He talked a little bit and was very scared of Eve and the woman.

When he finally took a look at the rattley, crinkly, he looked up at the woman with what appeared to be wonder and got very excited. He ran off with the rattley, crinkly in one hand and a piece of goat leg in the other. When he came back he had ditched the goat leg and had a pile of books instead.

He started reading the books out loud to himself. Most of the words I didn’t understand, but he was excited.

When he put the rattley, crinkly down I saw words on in black writing on the silver side and it looked like the word Tamiflu. I don’t know what that is, so I’m hoping the crazy man knows what to do with them.

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