01 Mar

It’s been two days now. The crazy man just reads his books and eats the leftover goat. He seems much more alive now that when he first opened the door.

The woman and Eve have barely moved from their spot in the room. They did leave once though and they ate something that the other deaders had left at the door for them. When they came back Eve had blood around her mouth and on her teeth, but still just a girl with messy brown hair and a dirty floral dress on.

At last the crazy man said some things that made sense. He needed some more stuff. I don’t know what for, but he made me a list on a piece of paper. He is too afraid to leave the building, and told me he has never left since the Happening began.

The woman took the list off me and walked outside with it. I don’t know what happened, but after a few hours deaders started coming to the door with different things from the list. One had metal buckets, another one had squirty spray bottles, and another had a big, plastic container full of water which two of them had to carry. Three others came in with armloads of white boxes of stuff. Through the rest of the day deaders kept arriving with things from the list. As they did, the man, who stood inside the door at all times, watched in amazement as the deaders brought things, and he ticked them off the list.

At one point the man remembered something he had forgotten and wrote it down. The woman took a look and stared at him for a while. An hour later a deader arrived with a small red box with a yellow M on it. The man was very excited, and when he opened it there was a dead rat inside. I don’t think it was exactly what he was after though.

I’m leaving the man to his mad mutterings and getting some sleep now. I think the woman and Eve are happy with me as it seems what they wanted from the start is being done.

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