04 Mar

Three days ago the deaders started arriving with items from the man’s list. They keep coming now with more and more boxes of stuff. Most of it now is boxes of the rattley crinklys. I spend all day popping the yellow and white stones out of the silver side and dropping them into big buckets of boiling water.

My thumbs are sore.

I also have cooking duty to feed me and the crazy man. He eats automatically and doesn’t let anything stop him from working.

Today he filled a squirty bottle with liquid he had brewed and was about to spray Eve with it. The woman knocked the bottle out of his hand and stared at him. Next thing there was another deader in the room with us just standing there. The woman picked up the bottle and handed it back to the man, pushing Eve behind her and stared at the other deader.

I think the man got the message and sprayed the liquid at the other deader’s face instead. It just blinked at him and stood there. Nothing happened. The crazy man walked to an empty room and put the bottle in there and asked the woman to get the deader to go into the room. It shuffled into the room with the man which made him nervous. He quickly left the room and closed the door behind him.

We can see the deader just standing in the room behind the big windows.

The man has gone back to muttering and reading his books.

I’m hungry.

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