06 Mar

The man wrote two things on a piece of paper today. I saw them and wrote them down. The first one, Oseltamivir, had a line through it. The other one said Zanamivir and had Relenza in brackets next to it.

These are crazy man words and I don’t know what they mean. I just wrote them down in case the paper was lost.

The woman went outside with the paper and then came back inside again to wait some more.

The crazy man just keeps boiling stuff and looking through the window at the deader he sprayed. Nothing has changed with the deader in the room. The woman threw in a dead squirrel for him today which he munched for a while and now just stands staring back at us through the window with blood and entrails all over his face and down his front.

The crazy man likes the deader even less now, if that was possible.

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