17 Mar

The re-alive man’s name is Bob Hoskins. He was a banker, which I think means he made banks. I asked him this and he said it was more likely that he broke banks. He said that most people before the Happening said that banker was spelt with a silent W. But I don’t know what this meant. I just smiled and left him to get better.
I can hear him out loud in my ears, but I think I also hear him inside my head too. It’s strange.

The woman gave the re-alive man a squirty bottle and when I went outside to poke the cooking fire back into life, I could see a long line of deaders, one at a time, walking up to the re-alive man and getting a squirt up the nose.

There are thousands and millions. The line goes as far as I can see, which isn’t very far because of all the trees and stuff in the way.

After getting squirted they go and lie down in an empty field away from the building. The field is nearly full of deaders lying there panting. It’s strange to see them so still, and not clawing and biting.

The next day Bob went and re-squirted all of the ones lying in the field. The queue of deaders waits patiently as there is no more room in the field.

The crazy man just keeps boiling up the stones, called pills, that I popped out of packets and fills more squirty bottles. He says we’ll need more when there are more re-alive around to use them on the never-ending line of deaders.

When the first ones to be squirted sat up again, the woman and Eve walked up to Bob and he squirted them. They are lying in the field now with the others, panting away.

It’s a weird feeling, but I think that I’m going to be very busy soon with all of the re-alivers around.

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