Zombie Philes is a “Work In Progress”. The idea is to create a blog from the first-person perspective of somebody living through a Zombie Apocalypse. The difference in this, from your usual run-of-the-mill zombie fiction is this is in Blog format. To read from the start, go to the first post, or just pick it up where you came in and follow from there on – it’s your call.

Who am I? Just your average part-time writer, full-time lay about. I work full time, so don’t have nearly as much time to write as I would like, hence the Blog format. I have other titles under my belt, which you may be interested in.

Check out these other titles:

When a bloody galactic war that had raged for eons spills out into their solar system, two innocents get pulled deep into the heart of the battle. Though never having met before, their fates are intrinsically linked to the outcome of the battle and the survival of their entire race.

Coming soon…
When an 11 year old, 3rd generation colonist, sees everybody she has ever known or cared about systematically slaughtered, she soon finds herself in possession of an ultimate weapon of death and destruction. What would an unacompanied minor do when faced with the ability to seek revenge on an entire race of beings without concerns of adult retribution or being sent to bed early?


Brain tissue samples, or comments here...

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