The man wrote two things on a piece of paper today. I saw them and wrote them down. The first one, Oseltamivir, had a line through it. The other one said Zanamivir and had Relenza in brackets next to it.

These are crazy man words and I don’t know what they mean. I just wrote them down in case the paper was lost.

The woman went outside with the paper and then came back inside again to wait some more.

The crazy man just keeps boiling stuff and looking through the window at the deader he sprayed. Nothing has changed with the deader in the room. The woman threw in a dead squirrel for him today which he munched for a while and now just stands staring back at us through the window with blood and entrails all over his face and down his front.

The crazy man likes the deader even less now, if that was possible.

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Three days ago the deaders started arriving with items from the man’s list. They keep coming now with more and more boxes of stuff. Most of it now is boxes of the rattley crinklys. I spend all day popping the yellow and white stones out of the silver side and dropping them into big buckets of boiling water.

My thumbs are sore.

I also have cooking duty to feed me and the crazy man. He eats automatically and doesn’t let anything stop him from working.

Today he filled a squirty bottle with liquid he had brewed and was about to spray Eve with it. The woman knocked the bottle out of his hand and stared at him. Next thing there was another deader in the room with us just standing there. The woman picked up the bottle and handed it back to the man, pushing Eve behind her and stared at the other deader.

I think the man got the message and sprayed the liquid at the other deader’s face instead. It just blinked at him and stood there. Nothing happened. The crazy man walked to an empty room and put the bottle in there and asked the woman to get the deader to go into the room. It shuffled into the room with the man which made him nervous. He quickly left the room and closed the door behind him.

We can see the deader just standing in the room behind the big windows.

The man has gone back to muttering and reading his books.

I’m hungry.

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It’s been two days now. The crazy man just reads his books and eats the leftover goat. He seems much more alive now that when he first opened the door.

The woman and Eve have barely moved from their spot in the room. They did leave once though and they ate something that the other deaders had left at the door for them. When they came back Eve had blood around her mouth and on her teeth, but still just a girl with messy brown hair and a dirty floral dress on.

At last the crazy man said some things that made sense. He needed some more stuff. I don’t know what for, but he made me a list on a piece of paper. He is too afraid to leave the building, and told me he has never left since the Happening began.

The woman took the list off me and walked outside with it. I don’t know what happened, but after a few hours deaders started coming to the door with different things from the list. One had metal buckets, another one had squirty spray bottles, and another had a big, plastic container full of water which two of them had to carry. Three others came in with armloads of white boxes of stuff. Through the rest of the day deaders kept arriving with things from the list. As they did, the man, who stood inside the door at all times, watched in amazement as the deaders brought things, and he ticked them off the list.

At one point the man remembered something he had forgotten and wrote it down. The woman took a look and stared at him for a while. An hour later a deader arrived with a small red box with a yellow M on it. The man was very excited, and when he opened it there was a dead rat inside. I don’t think it was exactly what he was after though.

I’m leaving the man to his mad mutterings and getting some sleep now. I think the woman and Eve are happy with me as it seems what they wanted from the start is being done.

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The goat was good. And I had more for breakfast this morning. The smell of it made the man come out of his hiding place and eat some too. He talked a little bit and was very scared of Eve and the woman.

When he finally took a look at the rattley, crinkly, he looked up at the woman with what appeared to be wonder and got very excited. He ran off with the rattley, crinkly in one hand and a piece of goat leg in the other. When he came back he had ditched the goat leg and had a pile of books instead.

He started reading the books out loud to himself. Most of the words I didn’t understand, but he was excited.

When he put the rattley, crinkly down I saw words on in black writing on the silver side and it looked like the word Tamiflu. I don’t know what that is, so I’m hoping the crazy man knows what to do with them.

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I woke this morning with what felt like a kick to the foot. When I looked up the woman and Eve were staring down at me like they had been waiting for ages. There was frost on the ground around me and my breath was like a fog when it came out of my nose and mouth.

The sun was barely up, but I packed up my things and started walking. The deaders followed. They like the cold.

About an hour later I saw a familiar gate. The sign had fallen down but I remembered dad lifting me over the gate to avoid some deaders.

The building looked very tired and dirty. Eve and the woman walked me around the side of the building to a door. I knocked but nothing happened. The woman looked back at the millions of followers and they all started walking back to the road and disappearing into the trees and bushes, leaving just me, Eve and the woman standing there.

I banged on the door some more and shouted out hello so if anybody was inside they would know I was not a deader.

Finally I heard some shuffling noises behind the door and a croaky voice asked who was there. I said I was Adam and I needed to come in. After a long time the door opened a crack and when he saw the woman and Eve it slammed shut again. I talked to him to tell him it was OK and that they wouldn’t hurt him and after a very long time the door opened again.

It was a very grubby and beardy man in a dirty white coat with frightened eyes. He was half starved and acting all jumpy.

When the door opened the woman pushed past him and Eve and I followed. He slammed the door shut again and just stood there staring at me.

The woman reached into her pocket and took out the rattley, crinkly thing and held it out to the man who just stared at her hand. And a voice in my head said the man should use these and that he would know what to do.

The man wasn’t moving to take whatever it was, so we all just walked in to the building and found a room. It was a mess and smelled of sweat and poop. The man followed us and looked very confused and scared.

The woman put the rattley, crinkly thing on a table and it looked like yellow and white stones in two rows in bubbles of plastic, with a shiny silver back.

The man just ran off to another part of the building and hid himself away. The woman told me to check outside and when I did there was a whole goat lying there and all of the deaders were hidden away in the trees.

I lit a big fire outside and carved up the goat with my handy dandy machete and cooked it. There will be plenty for me and the man when he finally comes back again.

Tonight I will be sleeping inside a safe building. Not that I need to be safe because the deaders don’t want to eat me anymore. It’s strange that, now I’ve finally found a safe place to be, I don’t need the safety as much.

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Just when I thought I was lost and wouldn’t be able to find the way, I found a familiar looking road today. I sat down and thought very, very hard about it and my memory told me that this was a road my dad and I took. It’s a bit of a side road, and it is surrounded in big trees and overgrown bushes.

I was going to start walking down there when Eve and the woman walked in front of me and stopped me. I don’t know why they did this. The woman looked back at the deaders and a group of them turned off and headed back to the town we had left.

There was no getting past Eve and the woman, so I sat on a rock and played with a stick for a while. Eve just looked down at me and made me feel nervous. Perhaps she wanted to eat me, but I don’t think so.

After a few hours had gone by, a deader stumbled up to the woman and handed her something rattley and crinkly sounding which she stuffed into a pocket and we could move on.

Because of the delay, we didn’t get very far down the road before the dark came and it was time to stop. I don’t think the deaders can see in the dark. They prefer the night time because it is cooler and they are always very hot. I can’t see in the dark, so it is too dangerous to walk around in case I hurt myself.

So I made a fire and cooked my offering. Tonight I was given a big black and white furry thing I had to skin first. It tasted bad, but there was lots of meat. I’ll sleep in a hollow by the side of the road tonight and hope to find the building tomorrow.

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I don’t know how I’m supposed to remember where to find this building Eve wants me to go to. It was way before the train and the very bad men. It was when I was with my dad and a lot of those memories and locked up in a place in my head where I don’t like to look because they make me sad.

I just keep walking North. The buzzing in my head is quiet now, and there are no other voices of the deaders. I don’t think it has ever been this quiet in my head before. And even though there are a million shuffling bodies walking along behind me every day, I don’t think I have ever felt this alone.

When I need to eat, there is always a dead rabbit or fox or leg of some animal dropped at my feet. The rest of the animal must be feeding the masses. When I need to drink I fill my bottles at a stream. But when I need privacy, there’s always a group that follow me. Either thinking I’m leading them the right way, or maybe just to protect me, I don’t know. They are never far behind.

I even spent a day running to get away from them all because it was spooky. I slept in an overgrown hedge and when I woke up they were they all waiting for me as they had walked through the night.

I don’t like being popular very much.

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