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Eve came and sat with me by the fire tonight. She is a pretty girl, and now that she has washed the dried blood off her face and got a clean dress on I think she is cute. She held my hand and we stared into the flames.

There are so many voices in my head now. Eve said I would be able to control that soon. To turn off the ones I don’t want to hear, and to share only the thoughts and feelings I wanted to. We think-talk to each other, and we did this all through the night as I tried to block out the chattering of other voices.

The re-alivers continue to squirt the deaders. The deaders are controlled through talking to them in their heads, and no re-alivers have been eaten. Yet.

The crazy man stays in the building mixing his potions and the woman walks around commanding everyone with what to do. She looks over at Eve and I sometimes and just gives a small, pretty smile.

I told Eve about this book I write in. She said it was good that I have done it for so long to help me remember, but that I could stop now. The collective mind would be able to see into my memories if I ever wanted to share my story with anybody again.

Eve is a smart girl and I like her. We are very alike her and I.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or the day after that, but I’ll keep living my today until tomorrow becomes my new today, then I’ll worry about that one.

Eve will help me. She says that I am her Adam, so that’s nice.

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My life is nothing but walking now.

Eve and the woman don’t talk to me. The line of deaders stretches back as far as I can see, and they keep coming out of the streets and forest and join the millions behind me. And when we get to a town they smash down doors and break open windows to let out the ones trapped inside, which I think is nice, but still scary because they just make the numbers behind me more and more.

They bring me dead animals to eat because they know I need food, but it is strange. It feels like I am their king like in the books dad made me read.

The other night we came to a town and they busted into a building and I heard gun shots and screaming and the deaders had grabbed some non-dead and dragged them into the mob of deaders. And I shouted at them to stop and tried to push through to help, but there were too many for me to push through and they all got in my way. I never did get to see who it was because I hadn’t got anywhere near where they were by the time the screaming stopped.

It made me sad that when finally the deaders started to show some signs of thinking that they still had to rip and tear into living people.

I stayed angry at them for two more days after that.

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