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22 Apr

Found out what they were up to today with the jets and all.

Appears there is a school of thought that even when the Slovs all end up dying of hunger, the virus still lives in the body for ages afterwards. The cleanup would be hazardous and there is a risk of another outbreak if anything goes wrong. The decision was to fire-bomb any place with a population over ten thousand. Those jets I saw the other day were on a napalm run to a nearby town. Sure glad I was out in the sticks when they came over otherwise I’d be picking my fried butt off the ground with a spatchula.

All I can think about is my poor wife. At least the last time I saw her was when she was getting sick. I never got to see her after she had come back again. I hope she died quickly and painlessly.

Somebody in the barrack had a coughing fit in the night last night. After everybody freaked out and went running from the building, the army guys held him at gun point until the tests concluded it was just a smoking cough. Turns out while I loaded up with jewellery, he had the thought that cigarettes would become so rare that the addicts would pay whatever they owned to buy them from him. Think he smoked a fair whack of his own profits the way he hacked and spluttered his way through the night.

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