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The re-alive man’s name is Bob Hoskins. He was a banker, which I think means he made banks. I asked him this and he said it was more likely that he broke banks. He said that most people before the Happening said that banker was spelt with a silent W. But I don’t know what this meant. I just smiled and left him to get better.
I can hear him out loud in my ears, but I think I also hear him inside my head too. It’s strange.

The woman gave the re-alive man a squirty bottle and when I went outside to poke the cooking fire back into life, I could see a long line of deaders, one at a time, walking up to the re-alive man and getting a squirt up the nose.

There are thousands and millions. The line goes as far as I can see, which isn’t very far because of all the trees and stuff in the way.

After getting squirted they go and lie down in an empty field away from the building. The field is nearly full of deaders lying there panting. It’s strange to see them so still, and not clawing and biting.

The next day Bob went and re-squirted all of the ones lying in the field. The queue of deaders waits patiently as there is no more room in the field.

The crazy man just keeps boiling up the stones, called pills, that I popped out of packets and fills more squirty bottles. He says we’ll need more when there are more re-alive around to use them on the never-ending line of deaders.

When the first ones to be squirted sat up again, the woman and Eve walked up to Bob and he squirted them. They are lying in the field now with the others, panting away.

It’s a weird feeling, but I think that I’m going to be very busy soon with all of the re-alivers around.

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Today the deader, who is really re-alive again, stood up and started walking around the room. The crazy man said he couldn’t leave the room yet and passed a squirty bottle through the door and told the man to squirt the liquid up his nose again.

Eve and the woman keep watch of the re-alive man.

I just pop stones out of packets and cook food. Pigeons today.

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It took 2 days, but the deader in the room is now sitting up, and his eyes are open, and he is croaking something, like he’s trying to talk.

The crazy man is excited and thinks it is a breakthrough. He has been working on the mixture and changing the amount of the white stones in the boiling water buckets.

I think, maybe, that the deader might be re-alive. I’m not sure, but the crazy man might have found what fixes the deaders and makes them better again.

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The deader seems to be sitting up now. I heard the crazy man say he had snuck in during the night and gave him another squirt up the nose.

The deader is sitting up, leaning against the far wall. It’s hard to see him in the darkness without a light in the room. He seems to be just sitting there with his eyes closed and breathing fast.

The crazy man asked for more deaders to try it on, but the woman didn’t bring any more in. Her and Eve just stand at the window watching the deader.

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The reaction was strange. The crazy man had a bottle of the new spray and opened the door to the deader he had sprayed the last stuff on. This time he squirted it straight up the deader’s nose and then ran out and shut the door again.

The deader stumbled around a bit then fell down. It is lying on the ground panting a lot and its eyes are rolled back in its head.

Eve and the woman are standing at the window watching now.

We’re all watching to see what happens. The deader just lies there and breathes really fast.

I don’t know what the woman will do to the crazy man if the deader re-dies. Perhaps that’s the point. I just don’t know enough about what’s going on.

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It has taken four days now, but the deaders have started arriving with big brown boxes with WHO stamped on the side. I don’t think WHO will miss them much, or even who WHO is.

The crazy man was very excited and he made me start working straight away popping out more white stones out of round, silver packets, four from each silver packet.

He has boiled up a batch of the other yellow and white stones with these new ones and is waiting for it to cool.

In the meantime I’m off to see what the deaders have caught me for dinner.

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The man wrote two things on a piece of paper today. I saw them and wrote them down. The first one, Oseltamivir, had a line through it. The other one said Zanamivir and had Relenza in brackets next to it.

These are crazy man words and I don’t know what they mean. I just wrote them down in case the paper was lost.

The woman went outside with the paper and then came back inside again to wait some more.

The crazy man just keeps boiling stuff and looking through the window at the deader he sprayed. Nothing has changed with the deader in the room. The woman threw in a dead squirrel for him today which he munched for a while and now just stands staring back at us through the window with blood and entrails all over his face and down his front.

The crazy man likes the deader even less now, if that was possible.

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