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15th July

Doctors performed the sunroof extraction on the pregnant girl. Appears to be a healthy boy, six pounds something something. They named him Adam as he’s like the first boy in a whole new world or something profound like that. The woman was drugged up until they were sure she wouldn’t be coming back again. Adam is to remain in isolation until they can determine if the virus was passed on to him by the mother.

Cleanup of the recent attack is pretty much complete and the fence mended, but obviously not much of a deterrent to the hoards of Slovs out there. Now they know they can do it, not much will stop them doing it again and again until we’re all like them. Shame we can’t electrify the fence. The army big knobs are desperately looking for some place more secure to move us all to. Patrols outside the perimeter have resumed and I’ve been asked to join them from time to time to help make up numbers.

The Special Forces guys are kicking themselves they weren’t here to help the other night. Still, lesson learnt, we can’t under-estimate these bogies any longer. They’ve got too smart for their own good and we’re going to have to find another way to defend ourselves.

On a side note – it was 6 months ago today that we buried my mate Jeff, one of the first victims of this virus. Seems like only yesterday. Makes me wonder if he did come back again, only to find himself locked in a small dark box with six feet of dirt on top of him.

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22nd June

The team arrived back again at last. They drove right into the compound, three tankers branded as being from various oil companies, and the rest of the crews in humvees and trucks.

That is all except for one truck. It remained outside the compound gates. All of those that remained outside the closed gate had been infected during the mission. A few of us gathered at the gate to see them. Those still able to walk shouted out their goodbyes, keeping their distance so as not to infect the rest of us. They looked so sick and frightened. They saluted the Base Commander and a few of them walked off up the road. I saw some stagger off into the minefields and a big eruption of smoke followed quickly by the sound of the explosion as they took their own lives. Some just put guns in their mouths where they stood. The truck outside the gates was torched, along with those too sick to get out and walk away.

It is great to have most of the guys return, and the fuel will help out hugely. But those poor sods taking their own lives. Reason two I could never be one of them. And we’re back to that cowardice thing again. I’ll never forget that look on their faces as they knew what they had to do to keep the rest of us safe.

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7 Jun

A huge exercise has been underway over the past week since the raid on the camp. During the daytime, groups of us are going out and felling trees, and torching any scrubland or hiding places around the camp perimeter with flamethrowers (by far my favourite part to date).

We’ve killed a few Slovs we’ve discovered hiding from the sunlight in old sheds and under fallen logs as we’ve found them, but the thinking is that the vast majority of them are hanging out in the nearby towns.

As the perimeter is cleared of any hiding places we’ve been laying mines and tripwires with claymores attached – Front Toward Enemy. It’s a bit dangerous, but fun all the same. Hopefully we can keep them away for a bit longer until we’re safely surrounded by enough explosives to level a small town.


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21 May

Poor sod. Turns out he’s only been in the corps since October last year. Last night on his first patrol he left the corps and became a corpse.

From what I’ve gathered, the patrol was ambushed by about half a dozen Slovs. Poor bugger. One guy was bitten and three of the Slovs put down (the nice, friendly term the army guys have started using for killing humans) but that kid was dragged off into the darkness. It’s a new phenomenon (did I spell that right?) that has really put the shits up the army folk.

There’s a bunch of new rules and regs they’ve imposed on us all now to help keep us and themselves safe. We’re confined to barracks after 1800 now and a few of us civvies have been made wardens which basically means we get to stay up half the night guarding the barrack doorways with instructions to shoot anybody without the password. Today’s password was “Pigeon”. What a daft bunch these guys are. I’d like to suggest things like “The Grim Reaper” or “Who is on First” as the response to the challenge we’re supposed to give of “Who goes there?”.

I’m not that stressed about killing more Slovs. Killed a few on the way down here from London, but I’m a bit worried about making a mistake and killing somebody who isn’t infected if they come to the barracks and take me or one of the others by surprise. We’re all a bit on edge now that these raids are getting closer and closer to what we thought was a save zone.

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9 May

Just got in from my rifle training. They’ve got all of us non-military learning how to shoot. At least I got a bit of a head start on them all with my own rifle on the way here. Wasn’t very good, but am getting a lot better now.

There was a bit of a disturbance up near the fence last night and the army guys are a tad pissed about it. Seems a few of the Slovs made it past the patrols and got as far as the fence before being spotted and shot down.

Got to say, loving this military lifestyle though. The routine and discipline of it all. If I hadn’t been born such a coward I probably could have done this for a living. With all the patrols outside the wire going on, and the odd one not coming back now, they’re starting to get a bit thin on the ground here. I might go and see if I can see somebody up the food chain (if you excuse the horrific pun) and see if they need a hand with people patrolling inside the fence.

Ironically I’ve run out of clothes without holes in them, and being the army, they’ve got a load of army fatigues and I’ve started wearing their outfits. Should fit right in.

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5 May

We’ve been starting to settle into a nice little community until we heard the news that shook us all to the core.

I’ve taken up helping out in the mess – that’s what they call the kitchen here at the 274th. I do a bit of prep, cleaning, and sometimes dishing out the food. Never the cooking – never have been too good on the pans.

There is a briefing once a week where the military big knobs get everybody, including the non-green skins like me, into a hall and let us know what’s going on out there – well, what they want us to know anyways. Turns out the Slovs are starting to get a bit smarter now the food has run out and with all the fires and stuff. From what they tell us, it looks like either something about the fires has mutated the virus, or perhaps their brains are just waking up to the fact that if they want to survive they better switch on a few more of those neurons. Either way, there have been a few co-ordinated attacks on some of our military outposts around the place. A number of the army guys had been “turned”, that’s what they call it when a Slov bites into you and infects you. If there’s enough of you left when they’ve finished chewing on you, a few days later you get back up and go on a biting spree of your own.

Hell, if there’s one thing I hate more than a face-muncher, it’s a smart face-muncher.

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22 Apr

Found out what they were up to today with the jets and all.

Appears there is a school of thought that even when the Slovs all end up dying of hunger, the virus still lives in the body for ages afterwards. The cleanup would be hazardous and there is a risk of another outbreak if anything goes wrong. The decision was to fire-bomb any place with a population over ten thousand. Those jets I saw the other day were on a napalm run to a nearby town. Sure glad I was out in the sticks when they came over otherwise I’d be picking my fried butt off the ground with a spatchula.

All I can think about is my poor wife. At least the last time I saw her was when she was getting sick. I never got to see her after she had come back again. I hope she died quickly and painlessly.

Somebody in the barrack had a coughing fit in the night last night. After everybody freaked out and went running from the building, the army guys held him at gun point until the tests concluded it was just a smoking cough. Turns out while I loaded up with jewellery, he had the thought that cigarettes would become so rare that the addicts would pay whatever they owned to buy them from him. Think he smoked a fair whack of his own profits the way he hacked and spluttered his way through the night.

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