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23rd May

The building has been running on energy provided by a nearby wind farm. Seems that although their business is based on poisoning the planet with their chemicals, they made everything all right again by using renewable energy. On the up side, this meant that as long as power usage was kept low the place had continuous power. The building would have drawn off from the main grid when power usage went above what the wind farm generated, but with the grid now non-existent, Doc had to limit his power use to just what the wind farm could produce.

Adam and I left the Doc downstairs as we deployed our usual building clearing tactics. Adam watches my back as we methodically go room to room checking for snotties.

I like to take a quiet look into a room in case there are lots of them first. If not, I knock on something (door, wall, back of a zombie head) to get their attention, and as they shuffle over, I dispatch them with ol’ rusty trusty – my machete.

Adam watches my back and in the corners in case I miss anything. He has his gun now, but that is a last resort as we want to ninja our way around. Too much noise will get them lurching towards us from all over the place so we take it carefully.

The zoms here are all dressed in their suits, or in some cases, white lab coats. They’ve been locked in here for some time so they are pretty lethargic and gaunt. They don’t take a lot of killing. I pile them up in the hallways ready for getting rid of them later on. They’re very light, being not much more than bones with a leathery layer of skin stretched over them.

We spent most of today clearing out the 4 floors above ground level. Doc was relieved when we came back unscathed and no worse for wear.

I think he’s been fairly happy in his solitude all this time, but just too terrified to take on the mission we just went on.

As thanks he wanted to show us what he’s been up to for the past few years, but we were both pretty shattered after our day of slaughter. It’s pretty sapping running on non-stop adrenaline for hours on end. We hoovered a few snack bars from a vending machine upstairs and settled in for the night. I promised Doc we’d see what he’d been doing in here tomorrow.

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21st May

Several days on now and we’re running out of food. Water isn’t a problem as we catch what runs off the roof of this tiny tin shed where holed up in.

The boredom is also a killer. Adam is wondering why we’re spending so much time here. I’m starting to wonder the same thing myself. This doesn’t look like the lab we’re looking for, it’s just a very well secured office building. I’m even starting to doubt whether I even saw some guy outside the building.

Studying the piles up corpses outside the door shows nothing untoward, other than a sizeable hole in each ones head. They just look like every other rotting corpse on this messed up planet.

If there’s no sign of life tomorrow we’ll have to hit the road again to find some supplies. Not only is lack of food getting to us, as I mentioned, the boredom is driving us both nuts.

Adam has read everything I’ve scavenged and brought with us a billion times. We’ve run around and around the building playing games and getting wet and muddy – anything to keep active.

That kid has too much energy for such a malnourished tyke.

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30th April

I helped out repairing and constructing new barricades for the front entrance today. Thankfully no zombies had followed the distraught mother into the town, or they followed her back out again if they did. Without the barricades in place we would be reliant upon the front gates to keep them at bay.

Firing a weapon at night is to be used as a last resort as the sound will travel for miles, bouncing off the surrounding hills and inviting any number of unwanted visitors.

With the barricades back in place again, I saw the genius behind their use at night. By shepherding the stupid wanderers into a fenced corral at the end of the road, the zombies have no way to get into the town. They either turn around and shamble back out of Dodge again, or they remain there bouncing off the fences until the morning shift go in and pick them off from the safety of the other side of the fence. The bodies are carried away on the back of a pickup to be burnt on the huge piles of corpses dotted about on the outskirts of town. Those are the plumes of smoke I saw the other day when approaching the town.

I assume this ingenuity comes from the brain of the sergeant, or some field manual he has, “The Man’s Man Manual for Dealing with the Dead” or “Dummies Guide to Community Living in a Zombie Apocalypse”, or what’s-his-name’s “Art of War”. Either way, he’s got it all sussed here and seems to be in for the long haul.

I’m still in two minds as to whether I want to stick around for much longer. As peaceful as it is, and the fact that I hadn’t had a decent sleep, meal or shower since this all kicked off seven years ago until coming here aside. For some reason there is an itch at the back of my mind that I need to move on. That Adam and I are not quite as safe as when there’s only the two of us. Stay on the move. Never settle.

This place is a big platter of warm, wriggling meat for the slovs, albeit surrounded in prickly wire and guys with boom sticks, but a sure target for a band of wily zombies all the same. Just look at our last setup five years ago. We let our guard down for one night and get annihilated.

Again, I have to think of Adam, but I am thinking of him when I feel we need to move on.

Just one more night perhaps…

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25th April

The smell of cooking meat filled my nostrils, and not in a good way. We were nearing a town and columns of smoke rose up in several places around the outskirts. Obviously the workings of a band of Living. We were very wary of this and tried to see if there was a way around it on the map.

Seemed the town was up against a wide river on one side, the nearest bridge, other than inside the town, was a good 50 to 60 miles back the way we had come, and to skirt around the other side of the town would take us 3 or 4 days off track. We decided (and it is “we” in these decisions – Adam has as much say as I do, though he rarely makes a decision until I say which one I want, and, come to think of it, has never said anything other than repeating back to me exactly what I say – I’ll have to have a talk to him about making his own decisions one day) to risk going straight through.

We were very cautious, and took our time. We were only 2 streets in when a voice from seemingly nowhere boomed out at us that we had gone far enough.

Now this is why I hate the Living. At least with the Dead you know what they want – pretty much just to eat your face off. With the Living, you just can;t trust them not to take everything useful off you and either throw you back out of town again or shoot you on the spot. I feared most for Adam really. Me, I couldn’t care less. I’ve seen enough and been through enough that if it ended this minute I wouldn’t be too fussed, as long as I knew Adam was going to be safe and I wouldn’t turn into a mindless flesh eater.

So we stopped still. I put my hands up, and Adam just turned in circles looking bewildered and trying to see where the voice came from.

It was then that we saw the barbed wire barricades up ahead. An iron gate in the fortifications opened up and two armed guys came through. They had full police riot gear on, including helmets with clear visors, padded and armoured vests and all decked out in black. Scary stuff, but I couldn’t help but think what a clever idea that was to protect you from slovs. I’d have to note that if we got away alive to see if I could hook Adam and I up with some more protective clothing than the rags we stood up in.

So these guys come out and are more interested in looking all over us for bites and scratches than actually talking and telling us what their intentions are.

They eventually lead us through the iron gate and into the compound. Well, I say compound, but really it’s a small walled-off town within the city. There are people roaming freely in the streets and what struck me immediately was how clean everything was. The streets of any town these days are littered with cars, rubbish, desiccated corpses (some moving and others not) and paper. Paper everywhere. For a supposedly paperless society, the paper blowing through the streets would make up a sizeable chunk of rainforest in its original form.

Anyway, back to the main crux.

So once they were happy we were safe, they lead us inside the compound. “Sanctuary” is what they call it. A bit of a lame name, but there you go. They offered us food (in the form of a can of peaches), a cold shower, medical help for the various bumps and bruises we both carried, and a bed with a roof over our heads. All they needed in return was our promise we’d abide by their rules and not rock the boat in their happy community.

It’s “lights out” time so I need to stop writing for now. More soon…

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12th July

Didn’t take these guys long to make a difference. They’ve brought a bunch of technology with them that will be invaluable.

They set up infrared cameras about the place to see the Slovs in the dark – they give off so much body heat they literally glow in the dark apparently. Small TV monitors in one of the control rooms show the multi-coloured images they’re capturing. They’ve also got night vision goggles and sniper rifles with enormous sights on top the size of a telescope.

Their second night here, last night, and they went out at first dark and didn’t return until the sun started coming up. Haven’t seen them about today, presume they’re sleeping, but rumour has it they took out a bunch of snotties and didn’t lose one of their own.

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10th July

Something new it is!

A big, fat helicopter, seeming like it was bursting at the seams with soldiers and civvies came in today. Don’t ask me what kind, just some form of troop carrier. They had a heavily pregnant woman with them. Word on the street is that the new army guys are some kind of Special Forces crowd. They’re a bit stand-offish, and keep mostly to themselves.

The camp doc took a look at the pregnant girl and said she was about a week or so away from dropping. There were also several crates of specialty equipment the guys brought in with them, seriously looking forward to seeing what new tricks we can get up to and get us on the front foot with those ghouls out there.

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17 May

Got a new influx of army boys in today. They made it a few hundred miles here from up North somewhere in a convoy of four trucks escorted by a two humvees with massive machine guns mounted on the back. There were even a couple of helicopters with them.

Two of the trucks held civvies (what they call us civilian non-military types) and they’ve had to open up another barrack to house them in. Looks like I won’t need to help out with patrols for some time now they have had a fresh batch of soldiers just come in.

Funny thing: One of the new Privates, fresh into the army just before the planet turned to shit, saluted me seeing me in my army outfit. Poor sod, he pretty much salutes anybody, being by far the lowest of the low. Still, out-ranks me, though he didn’t know it at the time.

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