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31st August

Seems this new regime of rationed food and the odd bit of exercise is paying off. I’ve shed a few pounds and am feeling fitter than ever. Took on one of the SF boys in a sprint down to the beach and just pipped him. Any further and he would have had me – I’m not that fit, yet.

Got to play with some of the gadgets the SF guys use too. Suppose there’s not much use for military secrets any more. The sniper gear is awesome, and the binoculars with laser range finder and built in GPS let you know the GPS co-ordinate of any object you’re focusing on in the distance, would let you sit up in the hills and call in an airstrike on a target miles away based on its exact GPS co-ordinates. A few other things were a bit lost on me, but generally useful for killing, maiming and doing unto others before they do unto you was the gist of it.

Not much of a mechanic, but I helped some of the boys get an old farm tractor going again. I was more the guy who presses the accelerator when asked to than the guy under the hood per se, but we got it going in the end and one of the civvies that knows a bit about farming is going to plough a couple of fields. It’s a bit late in the year to get any decent crops out of the ground now, but should be about right for something next spring.

Oh, and word has come out that with the bigger aerials around the airport that the brass have had comms with a couple of similar setups to ours over on the continent. Great news that we’re not alone after all!

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28th August

On this day six months ago I left the reanimated corpse of my wife of ten years to starve to death in our flat in London. It’ll be her birthday tomorrow.

I have nothing more to say.

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17th August

Loving the new digs. Not much in the way of accommodation, well just a fire station really and couple of sheds on the airport grounds, but this was never meant to be a base for a large number of people. The army have set up a number of their big tents and found some port-a-cabins around to bring in. There are houses surrounding the airfield a few of us have decided to make our homes.

The army guys have managed to secure the roads and most of the ways into this tip of the island, and with our backs to the sea we’re pretty safe by all accounts. Spare time is spent skimming stones on the beach, but the military lifestyle still continues to keep us all on our toes. A nearby farm was found to still have a number of cattle on it, but they were in a pretty bad way having not been moved on to better grazing in some time. A couple had to be put down and were commemorated in a big slap-up barbeque. The rest were grateful to be moved into an overgrown paddock.

A couple of patrols have been out to mop up any Slovs in the vicinity and night flights have confirmed no signs of heat signatures for 20 miles or so.

The kid Adam has been confirmed to have a dormant strain of the virus, and is declared safe for now, but regular tests will continue. For now he has been placed with a couple as sort of foster parents who are staying in the same house as me.

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2nd August

Well, we made it, in case you hadn’t guessed. That was hell on Earth though. It was like some kind of surreal video game.

The convoy came barrelling out of the camp like a runaway locomotive. The Slovs didn’t take too kindly to their prey escaping and came flooding out of the towns like locusts, running out on to the road and lurching at us from all sides. The 50 cals (big ass machineguns) on the back of each humvee blasted them to paste and the trucks rolled right over anything that got in the way. For my part, I took the odd pot-shot out the back of the covered truck I was sitting in, but don’t think I hit much. The fuel tankers bore the worst of it, not being armed and not having the wheels to squish bodies that easily. Still, they made it through intact. One of the humvees near the back lost its gunner to a Slov that managed to climb up on top and haul him out. Hope the poor sod had the forethought to bite a bullet before they turned him into an afternoon picnic.

So, like I say, we got here in the end. Not much to report once we were past the first couple of townships hosting the snotty conventions. After that it was plain sailing until we got to the small airport in Cornwall. By the time we got here the gunships and troops from the ‘choppers that had set out that morning had secured the area and the civvies were making themselves at home in the airport sheds (not really a terminal as it is military, but keeps the rain off).

So here we are. A couple of missions out to the neighbouring houses to ensure there were no surprises out there for us and we hunkered down for the night, ready to start making plans for our new home tomorrow. Bet those Slovs are pissed they didn’t strike earlier.

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