30th April

30 Apr

I helped out repairing and constructing new barricades for the front entrance today. Thankfully no zombies had followed the distraught mother into the town, or they followed her back out again if they did. Without the barricades in place we would be reliant upon the front gates to keep them at bay.

Firing a weapon at night is to be used as a last resort as the sound will travel for miles, bouncing off the surrounding hills and inviting any number of unwanted visitors.

With the barricades back in place again, I saw the genius behind their use at night. By shepherding the stupid wanderers into a fenced corral at the end of the road, the zombies have no way to get into the town. They either turn around and shamble back out of Dodge again, or they remain there bouncing off the fences until the morning shift go in and pick them off from the safety of the other side of the fence. The bodies are carried away on the back of a pickup to be burnt on the huge piles of corpses dotted about on the outskirts of town. Those are the plumes of smoke I saw the other day when approaching the town.

I assume this ingenuity comes from the brain of the sergeant, or some field manual he has, “The Man’s Man Manual for Dealing with the Dead” or “Dummies Guide to Community Living in a Zombie Apocalypse”, or what’s-his-name’s “Art of War”. Either way, he’s got it all sussed here and seems to be in for the long haul.

I’m still in two minds as to whether I want to stick around for much longer. As peaceful as it is, and the fact that I hadn’t had a decent sleep, meal or shower since this all kicked off seven years ago until coming here aside. For some reason there is an itch at the back of my mind that I need to move on. That Adam and I are not quite as safe as when there’s only the two of us. Stay on the move. Never settle.

This place is a big platter of warm, wriggling meat for the slovs, albeit surrounded in prickly wire and guys with boom sticks, but a sure target for a band of wily zombies all the same. Just look at our last setup five years ago. We let our guard down for one night and get annihilated.

Again, I have to think of Adam, but I am thinking of him when I feel we need to move on.

Just one more night perhaps…

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